Frugal MVP FAQ

MVPs or Minimum Viable Products are meant to be a fast easy way to validate your business ideas quickly with the help of simple frameworks from Product + Design.
With the rise of digital products, there are more MVPs that can be built upon code and make it easy to ship one in a shorter period of time than physical MVPs. Digital MVPs require code and not everyone knows how to code. Now, its not a barrier anymore with No-Code.
No-Code will empower you to push out anything you dream of:
  • Marketplaces
  • Ecommerce Shop
  • Personal Profile or website
  • Mobile App
  • Landing Page for your idea.
  • Accept payments and more.
.... this course is perfect for you.

What you'll learn...

  • How to narrow down from your idea to MVP.
  • How to arrive at a Value prop.
  • How to Launch your Landing Page using No-Code Website Builders.
  • How to launch a MVP using No-Code Tools.
  • How to launch your product
  • Get your first customer.

What you will learn technically

  • Frameworks that will help you with your MVP
  • How to use Carrd and launch your landing page.
  • How to use Glideapps to launch your Mobile App
  • How to setup a Payments to capture them.
  • Learn to distribution techniques to get your first customer.

What you will get

  • 6 Hours of instruction with people who have been there done that.
  • Continued support for 1 week after live sessions.
  • 4+ Office Hours through the week.
  • Access to Frugal MVP Cohort Community and Xperian Team.

Who is this course for?

As this course focuses on getting things done and launching their own MVPs, they will crucial and frugal No-Code tools that will improve and launch their MVPs.
  1. Non-tech Founders who are limited as they dont know how to code can now launch.
  1. People who want to learn Minimum No-Code Stack (MNCS) for MVPs.
  1. Bootstrapped Founders who can now launch under $100
  1. People who want to launch their own side projects without writing a piece of code.

What you'll need

All the tools that we will need for this workshops have free trials and can be used till you hit those limits. Very few tools need subscriptions and will be highlighted accordingly.
  • Carrd - $19 plan for making upto 10 websites with Embed functionality.
  • Glide - Free plan works for most MVPs.
  • Tally.so forms are free to collect responses
  • Zapier for Making information flow seamlessly through apps. Free until 50 tasks per month.
  • Stripe or Razorpay or Instamojo for Payments. They are free until someone pays you, max you spend 2% per transaction.


About the Course

What kind of help will I receive during the program?
What will I launch at the end of the program?
What will I get as a part of this cohort?
How much is this Cohort?
Will I get access to recordings?
Who is teaching this course?
What is Frugal MVP?
What is No-Code?
How much will I spend to launch my MVP?
What is Carrd?
What is Glide?
What is Tally.so?
What is Zapier?
What is the end goal for my MVP?
Will my MVP scale?

Is this for me?

I am non-tech founder, can I do this program?
Will I turn into a No-Coder or a business person after this course?
I just want to launch my side-project, is this for me?
I've used Webflow should I still attend this cohort?
Give me a realistic example of what kind of MVPs I can launch?
I have a huge tech team, why should I still learn about No-Code?

Book your Seat

The cohort starts on Jan 21 and you have 2 weeks of support to get started and launch your MVP. You will receive calendars, resources and we'll have office hours throughout the week to unblock you if needed.
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Dates: Jan 21 - Feb 5th

More questions? Reach out to us on Twitter or email and we will get back to you right away.